How long does it take for window tint to dry?

Tinting is the process where a sheer sheet of film is carefully applied to the interior of windows of a car. It basically helps reduce the amount of radiation and heat from the sun that normally reaches the interior of the car. However, many people tint their windows as they think it improves the look of their car. Deep tinting enhances the privacy and security of the car as outside people won’t be able to see the possessions inside the car. An important detail to keep in mind while tinting the window is – preventing the formation of bubbles. These bubbles might be formed because of several reasons like presence of dirt or water droplets while installing film, or the installer not giving the film enough time to dry.

People often forget that tinting window takes time to install but the process is completed only after the moisture left in the film dries down. Normally, the tint will be installed during sunny weather as it will give a better chance to the tint to dry easily. Under the sunny conditions, window tint dries within two or maximum three days. However, in colder conditions, it might take several weeks for the tint to dry completely.


Which one to prefer – machine cut or hand cut?

There are tint films that come pre-cut from the manufacturer for the assortment of cars. These are very convenient for people and it also saves the DIYers the work of having to trip window tint to shape. These pre-cut windows from the manufacturer aren’t as accurately cut as the tint which is cut and trimmed at professional tint shops.

There are many shops that use machines for cutting the tint to an exact shape which is needed for the window. This type of tint will cut down the average time for the tint installation while also offering a decent amount of quality. However, it isn’t as good as compared to the quality offered by the hand-cut tint as a professional with a steady hand can easily cut the tint to perfectly match the windows.


Why curing is important when tinting?

Similar to all products that make use of adhesive, the adhesive in the window must help in achieving a proper bond between the film and the glass.

As soon as the adhesive is cured, the window will begin to look as if it has been factory tinted. You can clearly see the changes in the film’s appearance when it is curing. The film might appear to be perfect at first but you will see that it is becoming milky or hazy or developing an “orange peel” effect. This is normal and will not cause any harm to the window. But once the curing is complete, these imperfections will completely disappear.

Curing is something that often varies. It can take anything from 3 to 30 days as it depends on the weather, the amount of sunlight the window is receiving, humidity, and other factors.


What to consider when tinting?

There are plenty of things to consider when you are deciding to get your window cars tinted especially when you are looking for the services of an outstanding professional who can tint the windows relatively quickly.

  • Will the shop offer any warranty on installations if something goes wrong? Such as air bubbles or wrinkling.
  • Will the installation service offer tint film of high quality?
  • The amount of time that tint shop has been in business
  • Customer reviews and relevant recommendations provided by previous customers


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