Some FAQ-s about tinted windows

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Tinted windows make effective appearance for a car and protect the vehicle interior from fading, increases the efficient operation of air conditioning and even eliminates glare. You should not forget that car tinting film strengthens the glass and prevents injury accidents as well as smashed glasses. Tinted car windows emphasize the beauty and individuality of your car and increase comfort and safety for a driver.

1.Learn more about light transmission percentage Film with a light transmission of 50% is visually very similar to the 70% of the film. This film gives the window a light mirror reflection. Film with a light transmission of 35% is also popular with drivers. Front windows with such films, are looking nice from the outside and it is possible to distinguish the driver’s face .Film with a light transmission of 20% is well suited for new drivers. It does not interfere with the view in any weather and at the same time gives the car an interesting view. Nowadays, film with a light transmission of 15% is probably the most common. This film can hide things and bags in the salon from outside. The inner visibility is very good in any weather, day and night.

2.How to determine the film quality A film of high quality withstands high temperatures and heating. Some expensive tint films have the ability of thermal expansion, in other words, they can withstand extreme cold or extreme heat. The quality is determined with two components: the material and execution of applying works. If there are no light stripes, blistering, optical distortion, rainbow patterns and the color is the same everywhere then the applying work is done well.

3. Removing the old tint Have you ever thought about removing the old tint without damaging the glass? The glass is not damaged but you should do your work accurately.

4. Tint meter This is a device for measuring the level of tint in glass. It is certified by the Scientific and Technical Commission on metrology and measurement technology. In most countries, the front door of the car, has not more transparency then 30%

5. Make your car window tinted with own  hands It is easy to tint your car with your own hands. At first glance, there is nothing complicated there, however, some complicated things might still appear. You will need patience, accuracy and

1. Tint films – one standard roll may be enough for 4 side windows.

2 . Rubber -be careful as it might leave micro-scratches.

3. Stationery knife for tearing the material.

4 . Clean warm water and lint-free cloth Tinting is recommended in a dust-free room. Wash the window corner delicately with a spray filled with soapy water. Split the film from one corner. Attach it to the glass, align and crop , leaving from all parts of the film stock in 1 cm. Begin with a rubber  to smooth from the center to the edges. Get rid of air bubbles, smooth until it starts to fall off the transparent film. During two days it is recommend not to insert or open toned glass

6. The importance of proper tinting Proper car glass tinting has many advantages. Some of them are:

a. Interior overheating in the summer – depending on the type of the film, almost half of them can reduce overheating your salon from the sunlight.

b . Tinted windows hardly transmit ultraviolet rays from the sky.

c . As some accidents happen, tinting film can prevent injury by glass pieces

d . Window tinting protects people from the public eye and hide the things that can be found in salons

7. Is there any disadvantage of tinted windows? The most important disadvantage is bad visibility at night. Therefore, when choosing a film try not to choose dark films for front and side windows Leave a Reply

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