Car Window Tinting Services

Why endure the broiling sun in your car, truck or SUV? Give yourself – and your vehicle interior – a cool break with the window tint services of Car Window Tinting Cincinnati, a locally owned company serving the Tulsa area for over 30 years. You’ll find our prices very reasonable and our workmanship the very best anywhere. We computer-measure and cut your window film, and install it correctly in detail. Our US-made window tints block over 99% of UV rays, reduce heat and glare, and protect you and your interior from sun damage.Plus, your auto air-conditioning won’t have to work nearly as hard. You can choose light-filtering densities from 5% to 50%.Even our near-clear tints block virtually all ultraviolet rays. And unlike foreign-made window films, yours won’t fade, discolor, crack, peel or bubble. Free window tinting estimate, so call us today at 918-224-4087. We’ll be glad to help you. Drive in cool comfort with affordable automotive window Tinting Car Window Tinting Tulsa. Our company has served your neighbors in the Tulsa area since 1982. We’re a family-owned, licensed, insured company that values excellent workmanship – and your trust. You can rest assured knowing our company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We’ve grown mostly through referrals from satisfied customers and by placing your satisfaction above all. Enjoy your drive – and protect your vehicle – under the fiercest Oklahoma sun. Call Tinting By Rita today at 918-224-4087 to schedule your free estimate. Window tinting for your vehicle:Cools your vehicle interior – and looks great!Protects your interior from fading, cracking etc.Blocks 99% of burning ultraviolet rays.Sharply reduces sun glare Filters light – from 5% to 50% ( all priced the same )Reduces stress on your auto AC Doesn’t affect your vehicle warranty You’ll appreciate our:First-quality, US-made window tints – no bubbling, cracking, discoloring, etc.

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