Is it normal to have bubbles after window tinting?

One of the major concerns that a lot of people seem to have when they think of getting their windows tinted is the possibility that bubbles might form on the tint. It is normal to get bubbles on the window after tinting but those bubbles can go away within a few days if you are using the services of genuine professionals. There are a lot of reasons why bubbles might appear and if this issue isn’t taken care of immediately, it will definitely degrade the look of the window. Fortunately, there are many remedies that can help make this problem go away.

Why do these bubbles appear?

Getting bubbles on the window after tinting is not an unusual sight. It occurs if there are droplets of water present on the window when the installer is tinting the window and those droplets turn into bubbles. On average, these droplets will evaporate within 15 days. However, if that doesn’t happen, you better think about changing the installer. Your windows can even get air bubbles trapped and in that case, you will need a professional hand to fix it. Another common reason for bubbles is the presence of dirt or debris. Someone who is unfamiliar with proper tint application will be unaware of the importance of cleaning the window properly.

How to remove the window bubbles if they appear?

Even though you took all kinds of precautions and bubbles are still present on the window, then what should you do? Even though this is a frustrating and an unfortunate case, you shouldn’t panic at this time and look for professional services with a warranty to help you with the fix.

There are many other quick remedies like –

  • Try to warm the window by using a hairdryer or parking the car in an area that gets consistent sunlight.
  • Try to mist the window using room-temperature water and avoid soaking it.
  • Use a sharp, straight pin or any other pointy object to poke a tiny hole in the bubbles but be careful or you might end up tearing the tint film.
  • You can even make use of a lint-free cloth for checking if there is a presence of bubbles.
  • Warm the window and once it is damp and warm, use an already expired credit card for smoothing out the bubbles. You can easily smooth it towards the edges while holding it at a 45-degree angle.

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