Paint protection film (also called clear bra) is a hydrophobic self-healing film applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions. Today’s automotive PPF is highly conformable and optically clear offering a self-healing topcoat capable of reforming itself after being scuffed or scratched, maintaining clarity for many years.




We use the best products, software, and equipment in the industry. We are proud to have the best trained and certified techs in the greater KC Metro area. We keep up with the changes in the industry yearly to keep providing excellence in our installations and products.

We install paint protection every day, all day. With advanced training, we can offer installations on even the most difficult jobs. We are always readily stocked with bulk film, carrying roll sizes up to 72” in length. We cut everything in house at the time of installation, and we don’t have to wait for the manufacturer to send us kits or patterns. We can make necessary changes or modifications to patterns to better fit your application when needed. Often this could be something as small as extending an edge for better fitment, putting an arch for better esthetics, or deleting an emblem hole to eliminate an edge. This allows us to have total control over the product and installation to ensure the best fit and finish from start to finish, providing the best finished product for your vehicle.

Detail is key! We prep and install every installation with precision. With such excellent products we hold our installations to an extremely high standard as well and treat all vehicles with the same care and attention to detail. Have a custom application? We are happy to provide custom applications on a variety of vehicles, motorcycles, classic cars, semi -trucks, RV’s, trailers, or anything with a smooth surface that you need protected! Quotes are free, fast, and simple! Call one of our 3 locations to get started today. Look no further, Midwest Tinting has you covered!



High performance clear bra, designed to protect your paint from rock chips, bug splatter, road debris, gravel, tree sap, bat & bird droppings. The mirror smooth finish makes the protective coating indistinguishable from factory paint. SELF-HEALING properties allow fine scratches and swirl marks to heal when exposed to heat.


Gives your vehicle a satin-smooth finish, while still honoring the integrity of the original paint color. This film still offers all the same protective benefits as Xpel Ultimate Plus and prevents damage from rock chips and road debris.


Consider Ultimate Fusion PPF the holy matrimony of XPEL’s classic Ultimate Plus Paint Protection with Fusion Plus ceramic coating. This ppf film is already ceramic coated, cured, and inspected at the factory. It protects the paint while increasing color depth and providing a hardened sacrificial layer to give a “wet” look while creating a liquid repellence and resistance to stains and contaminants.


The City Package covers the leading 18″ of the hood and fenders, and the backs of painted mirrors.

Paint Protection Film - Midwest Tinting "City Package"

Paint Protection Film - Midwest Tinting "Highway Package"

The Highway Package covers the leading 18″ of the hood and fenders, the painted front bumper, and the backs of painted mirrors.

The Full Front Clip Package covers the entire hood and fenders, the painted front bumper, headlights, foglights, and the backs of painted mirrors.

Paint Protection Film - Midwest Tinting "Full Front Clip"

Paint Protection Film - Midwest Tinting "Full Coverage"

The Full Package covers the entire painted surface of the vehicle.


Paint Protection for Door Cup
Door Cup
Paint Protection for Door Edge
Door Edge
Paint Protection for Door Sill
Door Sill
Paint Protection for Headlights
Paint Protection for Rocker Panels
Rocker Panels
Paint Protection for Roof Line
Roof Line


The unique sating finish of our matte paint protection film is an ideal option to maintain a vehicle’s original factory finish. This sleek film virtually disappears on most surfaces with a seamless finish, but what sets XPEL’s STEALTH film apart is uniformly smooth texture. It’s perfectly even and smooth, giving it a sophisticated look that is both luxurious and modern.

Self-Healing Paint Protection Film with a Satin Finish

The STEALTH paint protection film can be added to your matte or gloss paint job to create a unique satin finish that will make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or a bold statement, STEALTH’s satin finish has got you covered.

With its ability to match most factory flat paint jobs, virtually disappear on most surfaces, and provide a uniformly smooth texture, this finish is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to achieve a sleek and sophisticated look.

Matte paint protection film at Midwest Tinting


How we install XPEL Paint Protection Film Products

Driving conditions can vary for each person. Whether you stick to mostly city driving or want to protect your car from frequently traveled gravel roads, there is a paint protection package for everyone. The most commonly selected PPF package would be the full front clip.


We will go over what areas will be protected and the cost of your desired coverage. There are never surprises or added hidden fees when it comes the services we provide. We will look at your vehicle and examine for existing rock chips or damage and make suggestions.

Wash and Decontaminate

We ensure the surfaces being covered are washed and free of dirt, bugs, oils and other contaminants. This process includes a two-bucket hand wash and claying method. Heavier flaws, scuffs and imperfections can be buffed and polished as needed.

Film Preparation

Our XPEL trained and certified installers use GraphTech plotters paired with a database containing the patterns and measurements for *most vehicles. However, sometimes when it comes to antique or brand new vehicles, and cars with extensive curvature, there are no patterns. With our master installers who have extensive experience and proper training and we can customize patterns with bulk material.

Installation and Curing

The benefit of having installers with substantial knowledge and over 20 years of experience, is that they can extend that education to the rest of our technicians. They are able to quickly learn techniques that have taken us years to acquire and perfect, working together as a team to ensure the patterns are fitted to the curvature of your vehicle as seamlessly as possible. You can expect your paint protection install to take a full day. We will check over edges and make sure everything adheres properly.


XPEL PPF products are backed by a 10 year manufacturers warranty. It is our #1 priority to make sure you are happy with our craftsmanship. While we hold ourselves to high standards, we are humans and human error can occur, but we always honor our work. Having been in business since 1975, we aren’t going anywhere. We will always be here to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.

XPEL Paint Protection Film Installation

XPEL Paint Protection Film Installation

Paint Protection Film by Midwest Tinting of Kansas City



Yes. The process is the same as with regular paint: wet the surface with a lubricant such as XPEL Detail Spray or soapy water and then gently rub the surface with the clay bar. For stubborn insect, bird dropping, or hard water stains, use an all-purpose degreaser such as Simple Green as the lubricant for the detailing clay.

No special maintenance is required for XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS. However, the film will last longer and will be easier to clean if treated twice a year with XPEL Flawless Finish Paint Protection Film Sealant.

Any of our films can be installed on Chrome, though the finish will look slightly different than if left unprotected. We recommend having your installer apply a small swatch to the desired surface so you can see what it looks like before deciding.

The clear coat is the self-healing layer and is approximately 13 microns thick. If that layer is penetrated, the film will not heal.

Acry-solvent, or any other Xylene based solvent, will not harm the film unless left sitting saturated in it for an extended period. To use this type of solvent on the film (for removing stains, etc.) wet a microfiber towel with the product and wipe the film for one or two minutes. If the stain remains, allow the solvent to evaporate and then repeat the process.

Yes, pressure washers can be used on XPEL paint protection films, provided the film has completely dried after installation (typically 48 hours) and provided the high-pressure water is not pointed directly at the edges of the film.

It depends on the coating. Some may deepen the finish while others may add unwanted gloss. We recommend testing the coating on a swatch of unused film or in an inconspicuous area before coating a protected panel. We recommend using XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating, our ceramic coating was designed with paint and XPEL Paint protection film in mind.

Yes. XPEL film can be applied over a vinyl wrap or graphics. However, if there are any hard edges that film must cross (as in the case of stripes), it could result in some air being trapped along that edge.

We recommend using the XPEL Rinse Free Car Wash, combined with the XPEL Detail Spray and Ceramic Boost for increased cleanliness and slickness

Yes. XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS can be applied to any smooth surface, though care should be taken around any electronics and/or switches so that installation fluids aren’t allowed to get into sensitive areas.

XPEL Film Cleaner is generally designed to remove dirt, grime and oils from paint protection film that lead to yellowing over time. To remove stains from other substances such as insects, bird droppings or other compounds, use acetone or lacquer thinner with a soft microfiber cloth.

The self-healing clear coat of our ULTIMATE PLUS and STEALTH films is designed to repair itself from swirl marks and light scratches from car washes, etc. If a piece of debris has penetrated all the way through the clear coat on the film, it will not self-heal. The only way to fix this would be to have the piece of film replaced.

The XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Film Series warranty is transferable to another owner with proof of purchase.

Any of our paint protection films can be installed on aluminum or brushed metal, though they may change the appearance to some degree depending on the film you choose. We recommend having your installer apply a small swatch of the film to the surface in question to determine the appearance prior to full installation.

Waxes, sealants and protectants are typically designed to reduce the surface energy of the paint, making them easier to clean etc. A reduction in surface energy will reduce the film’s ability to adhere to the paint and could cause long term adhesion issues. Because of this, we generally recommend removing these types of products before installation. If these types of coatings are to be used, we recommend applying them AFTER installation of our paint protection film.

Please visit and be sure to use a steamer or heat gun to soften and warm the adhesive. This will yield the best possible results and will leave little if any adhesive behind. Any traces of residue left behind can be removed with any commercially available adhesive remover that is safe for automotive paint.

Yes, assuming you and the installer are both comfortable with the risk, there is nothing about the film that would prevent this from being done. We also have designs for most body panels on nearly every vehicle, which would allow installation without dismantling the vehicle.

No, XPEL Paint protection film cannot be installed on your windshield. Due to the impact absorbency of paint protection film, the refractive index of the film is too different from that of the windshield. Because of this difference, putting the two together causes a distortion when looking through the glass that would be unacceptable to the vehicle’s occupants.

Yes. Most smooth painted surface can be covered with paint protection film.

If you want to protect your STEALTH paint protection film, we recommend using our XPEL Flawless Finish Paint Protection Film Sealant or XPEL Ceramic Boost. When applying the sealant, work in small areas thoroughly wiping away all excess before moving on to the next section. Test an inconspicuous spot for application technique as installation is difficult due to the satin finish.

Yes, but please wait at least 48 hours after installation to allow the film to dry completely.

Yes, while XPEL can be installed on marine boats and watercraft, please review the warranty for applicable surfaces.

Other than the simplest body panels, application of paint protection film is a process which requires a good deal of experience and training to obtain satisfactory results. The compound curves present on most surfaces require the film to be stretched and compressed in a very controlled way to ensure proper adhesion without distorting the adhesive. As such, it is highly recommended that the film is professionally installed.

It is highly unlikely for paint protection film to harm OEM paint. Paint systems used on modern assembly lines today produce a minimum bond strength of 16 MPa and maximum of 25 MPa between the panel and the paint depending on color, iridescence and the system used. Our film’s bond to the painted surface at normal state (immediately following installation) is .0753 MPa. Even after years of heat and sun, the bond between the film and the paint increases to only 0.17 MPa. What that means is in the absolute worst case scenario, the bond of factory paint to the panel is over 94 times stronger than the bond of our film to the paint. In the best case, the paint is 332 times stronger.


That being said, it is still recommended to have a professional remove the film in accordance with our published guidelines.

Yes, XPEL can be installed on your cars headlamps and fog lamps

Yes. Though you can install the film over any quality of touch-up, the best possible appearance will be obtained if the touched up area has been color-sanded smooth and buffed after the application of the paint.

Yes, most factory paint is fully cured before the car ever leaves the assembly line.

While the edge of the film can be seen from certain angles, people generally do not notice it unless they are looking for it. However, if the car is dirty and dust and dirt can collect along the edge of the film, it will be more noticeable. Once the car is cleaned, it will be once again difficult to detect unless looking for it.

If there is left over adhesive upon removal, you can use a general purpose adhesive remover, often found at your local auto parts or home improvement store.

We recommend using our XPEL Flawless Finish Paint Protection Film Sealant. This product has been specially formulated for use with polyurethane paint protection films to provide the maximum protection and gloss, while containing no ingredients that would cause discoloration over time. We also recommend XPEL Detail Spray and/or Ceramic Boost for added slickness and ease of cleaning.

Yes, Coatings can be applied to the films. Adding a coating does not stop the film from self-healing. Coatings can add a protective layer over the film, which depending on the coating can provide different properties (Please contact your installer or coating company for more information). That additional coating layer, depending on the coating applied, may or may not self-heal. Once the coating wears down and deteriorates, the self-healing qualities of XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS and STEALTH will remain. We recommend XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating. Our ceramic was specifically formulated for your vehicles paint and XPEL Paint protection film.

We offer pre-cut rocker panel coverage for most trucks and SUVs that can be professionally installed by our independent dealer network. Visit our Installer Locator for an installer near you for a quote.

We also make a rocker panel DIY kit to help protect your rocker panels. This product is available in our XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS film or our XPEL ARMOR film. ULTIMATE PLUS is our clear self-healing paint protection film, while ARMOR is a rugged film that is black and has texture similar to a spray in bed liner.

This is a very common occurrence with Paint Protection Film of all brands. It has to do with the difference in refractive index between the layer of film and the paint on the car. It is most noticeable on compound-curved surfaces because the film must be stretched over these areas to allow it to be installed without wrinkles. When the film is stretched, it becomes slightly thinner in those areas which causes the phenomenon seen through polarized glasses.

It can also occur on flat surfaces when the installer needs to use a drying solution (as opposed to a slip solution) such as alcohol and water to get the needed bond to the paint. This is due to the difference in viscosity of the fluids and their effect on the adhesive’s properties.

Polarized glasses have this effect on several different multi-layer surfaces (not just paint protection film) made of glass or plastic