Get the look of stained, frosted, or etched glass at a fraction of the cost!

Looking to transform your office space? We can install a decorative film and incorporate your companies branding or logo. Our decorative privacy films are the best way to add style and privacy to your office windows while still allowing natural light to shine in, unlike other window covering options. Our experts will assess your concerns and recommend a product that best suits your needs.

Over the years, we’ve had numerous customers get creative with decorative film, tinting not only windows but bookshelves & cabinetry as well. A popular concern amongst home owners is bathroom privacy. From shower doors to bathroom windows, our knowledgable experts are familiar with all the solutions for these problem areas. Whether you want privacy from the outside world, or a more esthetically appealing look inside, we’ve got hundreds of decorative film options!

Decorative window film


Clear Frost Window Tint Before & After


Adding Window Film upgrades your existing windows by improving energy efficiency, cutting glare, and reducing damage to furniture due to fading. It also helps make occupants feel more comfortable within a home or commercial building.

Most windows can be filmed in 15 minutes with minimal or no disruption to building occupants.

The energy savings depend on many factors, such as the existing type of glass, existence of overhangs, your location (climate), and energy rates in your area. However, for most buildings, high-performance window films can reduce energy costs from 5 to 15%.

Though they provide similar energy savings, window films are much cheaper to install than replacement window – about 5-10% of the cost. Therefore, the capital investment is much lower for window film. Many projects produce a simple payback in less than three years (when including utility company rebates) – equivalent to a 33% return on investment!

The installation of window films is very safe. Manufacturers provide our installers with a list of recommended applications they are confident are safe when the recommendations are followed. Plus, most manufacturers provide warranties against glass breakage and seal failure. Ask your Window Film Pro for specifics about these warranties.

In many cases, there is so much solar heat gain before window films are installed that shades or blinds must be kept closed. By applying energy-saving window film, blinds and shades can remain open, allowing more light into the building than before film installation. Plus, window films come in a variety of light transmissions, from very dark (0% light transmission) to very light (80% light transmission).

According to U.S. Department of Energy statistics, solar heat gain through windows is responsible for about one third of a building’s cooling costs. Energy-saving window film that can reduce solar heat gain by 75% or more can significantly reduce the run time of air-conditioning systems or allow them to operate at lower load conditions. This can reduce cooling costs in commercial buildings by as much as 30%, lengthen HVAC equipment life, lower maintenance costs for air-conditioning systems, and allow for replacement of cooling equipment with smaller, less expensive equipment.