How much does window tinting cost – why it’s vital?

What is window tinting?

The dictionary meaning of the word tint is a color considered with reference to many other similar colors, as, red and blue are different colors, but two shades of scarlet are of different tints. It’s a shaded effect produced by the juxtaposition of many fine parallel lines.

Window tinting is basically a film coated on the window of a car or a vehicle or a building, in which a thin, transparent sheet is put on the window so as to protect it from sun radiation and heat and so one needs to understand How Much Does Window Tinting Cost.

Purpose of window tinting

Ultraviolet radiation can be very harmful when it directly hits a person’s skin and medical experts have realized that it is one of the reasons for skin cancers and dermatology disorders therefore even in vehicles, especially cars which ferry persons from one place to another, window tinting is very beneficial as it helps in reducing the heat radiation besides adding life to the vehicles interiors and also helping the vehicle’s air-conditioner to work effectively.

How Much Does Window Tinting CostProcess of window tinting

The process for window tinting is quite simple. You first decide on the shade of the tint and the kind i.e. whether you would like OEM tint, a coating tint or a film tint and once you have done this all you need to do is to measure the film according to your window size, cut it and then position it on the window and fit it.

The cost of window tinting

In the literal sense, a vehicle which needs to have its window tinted may not cost too high but if one assesses how much does a window tinting cost in the other sense, the answer would be- enormous because there have been many complaints to the legal department against people using window tinting in the vehicles as an easy way of carrying out illegal activities inside the vehicle which people from the outside would not be even aware of.

Since the window tint is one-sided, criminal activities can be carried out inside the vehicle and go unseen by the protectors of the law i.e. police. Trafficking of young girls, smuggling or exchanging of illegal items, cash transactions which are illegal can be comfortably carried out in a vehicle or a building which has tinted windows without the knowledge of outsiders and so the ‘cost’ of window tinting can sometimes be very high.

Newly constructed flats are opting for window tinting not realizing that they may have to pay a heavy price for it as if in case a criminal offense does happen to take place within their premises, the criminal can go scot-free because the window tint has actually protected him and helped him in carrying out his illegal activity safely.

Legal implications of window tinting

4th May, 2012 was a historic day for window tinting as the Supreme Court of India strictly prohibited the use of it to as low as 50% having realized the dangers it was creating specially to women, proving to be a threat to their modesty.

So if we introspect on how much does window tinting cost, we can safely conclude that sometimes it is a lot because it can be a threat to the safety and security of a person.

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