How do you fix wrinkled tint?

Owning an automobile comes with a lot of responsibilities as far as maintenance of the vehicle is concerned. There are a lot of parts in the vehicle that get tampered over time and require a touch up or repair job in order to keep them from crumbling or look old. Such a part of the vehicle is the tint of a window in your vehicle. Over time window tints are known to buckle or wrinkle and can potentially obstruct your vision, while also ruining the tint. A damaged or wrinkled window tint can be either repaired or replaced and both the methods require the removal of some or whole of the tint film that has been applied in the window. Remember to do the repair work for wrinkled window tints in an area which is well ventilated. The glue in these films is pungent and can cause discomfort in a closed environment.

Repairing existing tint

In order to repair an existing window tint you need to take distilled water and spray it on the edge of the area which are wrinkled and help saturating them. Take the help of a razor blade and start lifting the tint film starting from the corners in a gentle manner. If the tint is very old, the film might have become brittle and would is more likely to break and separate as you pull back on it. Take caution and remember to be gentle. You should continue spraying generous quantity of water at the edges until you reach the area that is wrinkled. After reaching the area which is wrinkled, again use a generous quantity of water to spray the glass and the film. Clean both the surfaces and daub with a clean cloth so as to soak in any kind of drip or droplets of water. Remember to be very gentle as you don’t want the film to break. Once this process has been completed, squeeze the film rigidly into place pressing from the center towards the edges, removing any instance of air bubbles that might have formed right to the exterior edge and out. If the tint film is not very old the glue wouldn’t have hardened and you could reapply the tint and watch it dry firmly into place within an hour.

Full tint replacement

In order to completely replace the existing damaged and wrinkled window tint take the help of a cleaner that has a high quotient of ammonia in it. Cleaners with ammonia help remove window tints faster than any other cleaner. Use a razor blade to work the tint off of the vehicle’s window glass and peel it off completely. The ammonia in the cleaner will help break down the glue that is present in the film and the process of peeling off will become smoother. The use of the razor blade is very important as it helps you take care of all the layers that are present in the tint and help remove it completely. Make sure that you get hold of all the layers and use more ammonia if needed.

Take a towel and wipe the entire window thoroughly and allow the glass to dry itself for almost an hour. Once dry, spray the glass with water letting it again dry for an hour. Take a tint film and cut out a portion that is a little bigger than the complete size of the window. Take water and spray the glass of the window with it. Take off the non-adhesive covering from the back of the tint film to expose the adhesive side and position the film properly on the damp glass of your vehicle’s window. Do not waste time and start squeezing out any air bubbles beginning from the center and working your way towards the edges. Once done start trimming the edge of the tint film, starting first with the topmost edge. If needed, spray an added amount of water and try to squeeze out any remaining air bubbles so as to make the tint film be firmly attached. Let the tint film cure on the window overnight in a ventilated area. Be careful while using cleaners that have ammonia in them.

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