Home And Car Window Tinting Tips

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Q1. Will you see a gap around the edge of the glass? A.Depends on the style of window, glass, rubber and window frame but 90% of the time you will not see a gap. There is no gaps on car windows & the back window is applied in one piece (no joins).

Q2. What can you clean the windows with? A.With a wet chamois and a clean soft dry cloth or specially formulated window tint cleaning products. Do not use any regular glass cleaning products or chemicals because they will damage the window film.

Q3. How long does it take? A. Depends on how many and how large the windows are and also how much access there are to the windows.

Q4. How long to I have to wait to clean my windows after they’ve been tinted? A. You should wait at least 48 hours to be safe.

Q5. How long will my window tint last for? A. It varies on the quality of window film you have chosen but the majority of films have a lifetime warranty, others have a 10 year warranty.

Q6. Will it bubble, scratch or start to peel off in time? A. No generally not, but if it does, depending on the film you have, there is a manufacturers 10 year or lifetime warranty at no extra cost.

Q7. Is it legal to put on any window film I like on my house? A. Yes it is legal to have any film you wish put on your house windows, it is not the same with cars.

Q8. What happens if I’m not happy with the job that has just been done? A. With 22 years experience in the trade, we are extremely particular with the quality we provide, if you are unhappy we guarantee our workmanship at no extra cost. If you want cost effective, top class window tinting at an affordable price, we are the people to call.

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