Easy Step – How to Change Your Car Oil

One of the most vital maintenance must be performed on your vehicle is changing the Oil Additive. This should be done every 3000-5000 miles, and this can greatly affect the durability and performance of your automobile. Depending on where you work, and what kind of car you are working on you might need some preparation work before they started to change your oil. Before doing anything, you will need to engage the emergency brake, and put a chalk or stops in front of one of the rear tires. These are just safety precautions as you will be underneath the car, which is inherently dangerous. You want to make sure that if for some reason, something happened, it would not move while you’re underneath. If you are changing the oil on a truck or SUV, you’ll probably not need to lift with a jack. You can check this by essentially on the ground and see if you can easily get under the car. You must also make sure you have enough space to move and work. If you are working on a car, you likely need to use a jack to raise it, so you can get underneath. There are many types of outlets that you want to follow your instructions exactly. Also, you may want to put a bit of press around your work area. There is a possibility of spillage of oil if you do not leave stains on your driveway, or wherever you work. The first thing you should do when you’re under the car is to put the drain bolt oil on you. Once you’ve found, you will find the right size taken to withdraw it. Now before you start to loosen the bolt drain your oil below so that it will catch the old oil. You can now release the lock. Once it is loose oil slowly begin to leave, and once you remove the oil drain should be fast enough. Once the oil stops flowing, you can replace the drain bolt and tighten. Depending on how the oil filters right is guaranteed that you may be able to remove it with your hand by turning it clockwise. If it is too tight to remove with you, you’ll need to use a key oil filter. When you remove the filter carefully, because it is full of old oil. Before installing the new oil filter you want for a new oil filter and make sure the gasket on top of the filter is coated with new oil. This will help to function better. Install the new filter is basically the reverse process for removing the old one. One of the last steps, but more important is to add the new oil for your car. Remove the cap and insert your funnel. Slowly the new five quarters of the oil in the funnel. Once all the oil has raised, remove the funnel and secure the cap. The most important part of the stage of cleaning is the removal of the old oil. The easiest way to do this is to take your oil pan of old oil and pour it into the container (s) you have new oil fields has been in. Once you have done this, you will need to take somewhere to be eliminated. Usually, your body shop will be no charge. You might also need to use some soap and water and some elbow grease to clean up. You and your car should now be fixed for the next 3000-5000 miles, and you just save your money on an oil change. Larry Mitchell Author of Greasedlightning.com offering Oil Additive, Transmission Treatment, grease lighting, engine treatment, engine treatments, international distributor opportunity, fuel treatments and more. oil change phoenix

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