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Car window tinting prices can vary as much as the price of cars that are tinted.  You might see an advertisement for a full car window tinting for $100 and think that’s a much better price than the shop that your friend recommended for $400.  But what are you really getting for that $100?  What is the quality of the materials and will that shop be there if you run into a problem? When you’re choosing a tint shop and looking for a good price, it’s very important to remember that you usually get what you pay for.  That $100 quote might be no more than a pre-packaged kit bought at your local big box store and installed by someone who has had no formal training in window tinting.  In that case, you get poor quality and a tint package that may be totally inappropriate and ineffective for your car and the climate area in which you live! Cheap tint applications look good at first but eventually they will bubble, change color or fade.  This is a good example of false economy.  If you choose a fully metallized tint made with sputtered or deposition technology, your tint will perform well under any climate conditions.  If you live in an area with extreme temperatures such as the winter climates of the Northeast or the deserts of the Southwest, you’ll have to be particularly careful to get a professionally applied, quality tint. The make and model of your car makes a big difference in how much you will pay for car window tinting prices.  The shop doesn’t ask the make and model of the car in order to take advantage of owners of upscale cars.  Windows that are steep or curved will cost more than conventional windows.  The square footage of your window area makes a big difference in pricing; SUVs will cost more to tint than compacts or passenger sedans. If you want the most bang for your buck, make sure that you’re not paying for things you don’t care about.  If you like an upscale, comfortable waiting room with free coffee and donuts you’re going to be paying for those amenities in the cost of your car window tinting prices.  However, if you’re paying a bit extra for knowledgeable and well-trained installers it is money well spent! Does the shop you chose have a good reputation?  Do they know the car window tinting laws where the car is going to be driven.  If so, they will probably be in business for quite some time and available if you have any problems with your tint. What about a performance warranty?  A good warranty is worth paying for so be sure to read the fine print.  Some are only a year while others cover the lifetime of the car.  Some cover only glazing, bubbling, peeling and cracking.  Color-safe warranties protect you if the color of the tint changes from extreme temperatures.  A transferable warranty adds to the value of your car should you decide to sell it or use it as a trade-in. All these issues together will determine the car window tinting prices you have to choose from.  By picking a shop with quality technicians, a solid reputation and a good warranty you’ll get a very good deal!


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Most drivers like some sort of car window tint in order to reduce the glare of the sun and save their eyes from ultraviolet rays that can damage them. But there are a lot of other reasons why you might want to tint your car windows. Did you know that by getting some sort of car window tint that you could save yourself from injury? That’s right, just think about how a car window shatters when a car or truck is involved in a collision. The glass of windows and the windshield may shatter from the impact, sending a shower of sharp glass onto the vehicle’s driver and passengers. Although most vehicle windows are made of specially formulated safety glass, the edges are sharp and can do a lot of damage to eyes and skin. Tinting holds the glass together and can prevent cuts, abrasions and eye damage. And there are more health issues connected with window tinting. We’ve all been warned again and again about exposing our skin to the sun’s rays. Most of us have known someone with skin cancer or melanoma or even had an incident of it ourselves. Car window tint blocks 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, preventing most of them from reaching our skin. Have you ever opened your car door only to be greeted by a rush of air that feels like a blast furnace? Summer temperatures can be miserable, especially when you first get into your car. Tinting can reduce the heat buildup in your vehicle by 60%! You know how long it takes to cool down a vehicle’s interior, particularly if you live in a desert area. Tinting actually saves you money by reducing the load on your air conditioning. Car window tint increases your safety and significantly reduces accident rates, too! Have you ever driven in bright sunshine just after a shower? The glare from the road is blinding and your vision is dangerously impaired. Perhaps you live in a climate that enjoys snow and ice in the winter and have dealt with that type of glare? By tinting the windows of your vehicle you can cut through that glare and clear your field of vision! It’s also a lifesaver at night when the glare of other vehicle headlights can be a real danger. Tinting your windows also protects your upholstery from the damaging rays of the sun as well as heat build up as the car sits through the day. Not many of us keep our cars until they just can’t go anymore; we usually trade them in after a few years and the condition of the car has a lot to do with the trade-in price we are offered. An attractive, little worn interior adds thousands of dollars to that price! Lastly, a car window tint gives you privacy. Depending on the car window tinting laws in your state, you can rest assured that other drivers’ view of your interior is compromised to protect your cargo, your identity and your passengers!