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Windscreen Replacement

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General information Repairing a windscreen of a vehicle is a problem that every driver takes close to his or her heart. When you face this important issue, firstly, try to repair the existing windscreen and if this attempt fails, then it will be necessary to replace it with the new one. It is always a better idea to repair glass in order to make your life easier and save money but depending on the type, size and the position of the damaged area, sometimes repair is impossible. Usually, the main problem lies on some chip problems that might be free of charge. But don’t feel free as a chipped windscreen as well as a cracked one might always develop a problem. Furthermore, in the case of scratched windscreen, some people might say that repair will amend it, but trust me- even when the damage seems quite small, windscreen needs replacement immediately. There were lots of problems related to repaired windscreens so if some damage reappears, immediately change the glass at any price. So, if there are no chances to repair local severe damages, you might need the whole windscreen replacement. Certainly, there are some service centers where this procedure is carried out quickly and easily by   technicians within a few hours. To say more in details, the full procedure of changing might take one or two hours. The time depends on the existing screen type, cleaning debris (if they exist).Handling the entire Preparation and applying some bonding agents also require some time before a new replacement windscreen is fitted. All in all, in most cases, windscreen replacement takes 2 hours to be completed. Things to know about windscreen replacement If you are aware that in your case windscreen replacement is unavoidable, than remember these eight things: -use glass from extensive parts catalogue that is manufactured to OEM standards. This is abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer which is a very important aspect for every driver -ensure that the fitted glass is as good as the original one -Check the guarantee talon and date. Remember that signature as well as a seal is very important in this case -check insurance policy as comprehensive motor policies cover the cost of your car repair including windscreen change -always perform a pre-inspection of your car to avoid some problems that might occur when you receive windscreen repaired car – check chips and cracks with your own eyes before paying any money – Always aim to repair rather than to replace. -request a windscreen replacement quote What most people ask Can we install a windscreen ourselves? The windscreen is a safety device- it is responsible for your life and your passengers’ safety like seat belts and air bags. Even the name tells you that its main role is to protect the driver from wind as well as from water, debris. Here are 10 steps that will help you if you decide to repair a windscreen 1. Buy a replacement windshield 2. Trim down the existing bead to about 1-2 mm with a razor blade 3.remove the plastic over it 4. Don’t pry the holding clips which make windshield look nice. 5. Cut the urethane from the outside with a knife or try another option and cut the windshield out from the inside. This process takes more than one hour so if your nerves fail then leave it to the masters 6. Trim down the pinch weld to 3mm with a razor blade 7. Clear away dirt with a brush and water. 8. Fix rust problems 9. Activate the glass ad apply the dirt-free urethane with an electric gun 10. Use urethane adhesive accurately, leaving no spots of dirt Most car service centers offer a comprehensive car windscreen replacement, so why are you trying to do such an important job with your own hands when more competent people definitely exist and are ready to help you with a normal price. Technicians at special centers are reliable, experienced and give guarantee for the best quality. Be sure that they will replace your windscreen more efficiently as they have access to a vast array of high- quality windscreens and first rate vehicle glasses. So let the m assess your windscreen and let you know what steps you should take


Car Window Repair | Car Window Tinting

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There are two major types of car windows: manual and power. Of course, the most popular ones are power windows that represent a standard on newer automobiles. Using an automatic motor they can be rolled up or down via a push button. Sometimes, even this driving convenience might have problems. Usually, power windows are more expensive to repair than manual ones. People, who have electric windows in vehicles, might experience the situations when they push the button and nothing happens- the window does not move. Or, sometimes, the window opens rapidly, and then closes automatically after a second or two. Remember that if you don’t want to ask for a mechanic, repairs will need a factory shop manual and golden hands. Unless you determine how to repair it, try to find out the reason. As we know, power /electric windows with mechanical technique that is somehow similar to the manual windows need a power source to roll them up and down. The best idea is to check user’s manual for instructions about troubleshooting- the main thing you must find out is where fuse box is located and how to open it. If the things are common, then here are a few trips how to fix power, or others call it, electric car windows.

Situation 1: problem with the fuse boxes

1. Check the correct fuse box in the left of the steering wheel. Once you find it, simple replace it with a new compatible fuse from the store. Don’t be nervous as every supply store has fuse tongs, to be more accurate the only thing you should check is the voltage for the window mechanism

2. Pull the fuse out. Remember to be careful as you might twist it. use a flashlight to check the fuses and see clearly

3. Insert the new fuse into the particular cradle. Once it is set, you can say that more than a half of work is done.

4. Close the fuse box and press the push button to test if it is working or not Always check window operation to make sure it is working properly. Still not working? Then the problem lies on electrical schematic of your vehicle.

Situation 2: electrical problems You will need owner’s manual. If you are not good at electricity, then the case is very complicated for you so consult a mechanic as your every action is dangerous: you might damage your car. But if you really want to repair it yourself, then begin at the fuse panel, trace the wiring from there to the switch or motor according to the directions provided in your owner’s manual and test for voltage (twelve volts). To say in other words, you must check for loose wires going into or coming out of the fuse box. You might ask why it is so necessary, the answer is simple: interrupted voltage will show you the place where the problem is. To say more in detail, you should locate and open the window switch panel (If the window control switch is dirty, immediately clean it), then with a volt meter you must probe connectors. Once you find the particular area, for example, the connector, fix it or tighten loose electrical connections and test windows. If even that doesn’t fix windows, replace electric window motor with a new one following included instructions. It is always a good idea to tape the window glass in order to prevent slipping downs while you are working on the motor Window Motor 1 in order to access the window motor, remove the door panel. You need to follow your manual as you might have to remove some other things like door handles or weather sheeting 2 Test the motor with a cable connection and volt meter 3 Once the problem is clear, feel free to remove the bad motor and replace it with a brand new one So, we have listed some main problems that might be easily solved, if the instructions make you feel that you can’t deal with inactive power windows as you have never worked with them, then contact your dealership for insurance policies or ask for a local mechanic at the repair shop to avoid any possible damage. If you have no money for them, then read instructions given in your manual and try to remedy your problem