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Cheaper isn’t always better, and no industry embodies that wisdom like the car window tinting business.  There are scores of window tinting shops scattered throughout cities and suburbs all over the country, so how do you tell which one is right for you? The first thing you should look for is personal endorsements, not from a movie or television celebrity but an endorsement from someone that you know.  It may be a co-worker, a relative, a friend or even a teller at your bank.  They can tell you how satisfied they were with the job, how long it took to get it done, if they thought the price was fair and how durable it has been.  They can also tell you which businesses to avoid and which ones they have been told do poor quality work. Once you get the names of some car window tinting shops you should look through your local listings to find one that is convenient for you.  It won’t do to choose a shop that is miles away from your home or work where you might have to wait for hours until the job is done.  Time is money these days and when you miss work or appointments it can mean you might be paying twice as much as you write the check for! Actually interviewing the shops you’re considering might save you a lot of inconvenience and dissatisfaction later.  How long has the company done business?  If they have just opened up you really have nothing to compare them with as they don’t have a base of satisfied or disgruntled customers that you can tap.  If they have been in the same location for a few years that is a good indicator that people are satisfied with their work. Check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if there are any unresolved complaints against the window tinting business you are considering.  The number of complaints will give you a good idea of the quality of their work but if there are unresolved complaints you might be considering a shop that doesn’t treat their customers very well.  Does the company have just one shop or does it have branches in other cities?  That’s usually an indication of a successful business! Ask if you can visit a shop that you’re considering.  If they allow that, it’s a good indication that you may want to do business with them.  Keep in mind, however, that their insurance coverage might not allow them to take you into the work area.  Ask to see a sample of their work and see if they offer a type of film that is compatible with your car and your needs.  Do they know the state laws regarding car window tinting and comply with them? Finally, get written quotes and compare them.  Price, time required to do the work and types of guarantees should all figure into your decision of which car window tinting shop to choose.

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