Car Window Tinting

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Nowadays window tinting is a popular business among drivers all over the auto world. Using tints on the car windows is not just the matter of style, but the concern of enormous benefits and features that you might not know. Trendy tints offer drivers safety, rays blockage and privacy. Are you amazed? Just scroll down the article and find out more. General information Tints can be used to avoid some problems related to glazing, heat, glare reduction, UV Filtration, safety security, privacy and decoration. Tints help car to improve comfort inside, protect interior with heat-rejection technology, and minimize the harmful effects of the sun rays. Related to the UV rays, the main aspect comes to the main sources of window fading, that’s widely available in various nm-s, for example, window films with the protection of 500nm are called tinted amber that might come in some variations. When it comes to health security, then UV and Skin protection provides excellent heat rejection with amazing clarity. The unique technology combines car’s appearance with interior security by rejecting up to 80 percent of the sun harmful UV rays. The ray rejection percentage might vary, for example, by blocking up 99% of harmful UV rays; tints reduce fading of your car’s interior and provide glare reduction from 5% up to 50% that comes to different percentage apart from fading abilities. Technical information Tinting a car is an easy procedure and can take up to 30 minutes. You can tint your car at a special service center or by yourself. Window film for cars is installed to flat glass. But how are tints are made? In the special factories, special colors are added to black and white films by soaking them in the particular dye. There are many types, shades, colors of window films for car tinting .Some variations come under the name of Amber and its variations of straw, light or night amber. Usually they are used for bright interiors and yellow or sunshine tints are selected for daylight interiors. A very interesting appearance is given by adding blue tints to windows in azure or nocturne variations for night view interiors. There are also red tints in the colors of Scarlet, Inferno, Firelight for drivers with an enormous temperament and Rose Doreé, Peachblow, Candleflame and lavender styles for sentimental car -drivers Rumors say Rumors say: tinting provides bad visibility for drivers Conclusion: False Why: the answer is simple. Tint only helps the driver to take control of the UV rays that get in your car during the day. Sunlight still comes in your car and there is no point in thinking that your eyes might ache. Car tint films just limit the harmful rays and that’s all- there is less harmful effect and no eye pain. The only thing that can destroy your health is inability to reject UV lights and severe sunlight exposure. Don’t trust the rumors, tint your cars to reduce infrared and ultraviolet lights Rumors say: tints can’t provide safety Conclusion: false Why: tint really protects your vehicle along with the property that might be inside: smart phones, laptops, radio devices, tablets, important documents. With windows, burglars are unable to find out in details what kind of property is in your car. So the chance of theft is decreased by a lot. Once people can’t see what is happening in your interior, you will feel more confident while you are away from your vehicle. Another concern is about breaking windows. If one day you will face an awful accident, then be sure that shattered glass of windows can do no harm for you as tint films can hold these little shards. This safety matter doesn’t relate just to the driver, but to the all occupants in a vehicle. So, as we see, tint films makes windows more durable, resistant and safe for everyone Other benefits Style design- besides from safety concern car tints offer drivers to make their cars much more attractive and stylish. With an exclusive new look, a smooth appearance with tinted windows your car can take number one place in design competition. Choose the tint color from a wide range and give your car a classy modern look that will take breath away from spectators. A luxurious appearance is another thing that tints add to the vehicle

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