Car tinting is a common habit among car owners for reasons which vary according to personal preferences of each car owner. In most cases, people tinting their cars for either privacy reasons or to make the car more attractive(Jung, 2017). However, car tinting which serves the same purpose as the curtain is full of many other advantages and disadvantages which are relatively conspicuous to the owner. Some of these pros and cons are discussed in detail below;

Advantages of curtains and Car tinting

The foremost being, that they are not illegal! Well that being said, they offer a great visual effect to your car. They can be dawn back and forth according to your wish, and can be tied anyway you want to. Window tinting cannot be applied and removed according to your wish; on the other hand, these can be taken out and reinstalled at a later date. It lands an aesthetic appeal to your personal vehicle, especially when used with taste and elegance. That is not all, as they provide protection against sun, especially on those days when it is too harsh to be driving around in the afternoon sun.

  1. Increased comfort.

    Most car tints are designed to limit the amount of light entering the car by up to 46% when the tint film is properly installed. This is responsible for a reduced strain on the air conditioning features of the car to create a cooling effect on the occupants. Moreover, this reduces the cooling costs incurred in maintaining a favourable internal environment of the car. This offers increased comfort to the user of the car at a reduced cost.

  2. Block Ultra Violet Rays

    Car tints are designed to filter a significant amount of the ultra violet rays passing through the car window by almost 99%. The prolonged exposure of human skin to the Ultra Violet rays causes faster skin ageing and contributes to skin cancer in a great way. The UV light has a lot of health implications on human beings including the effect on visual acuity of the users as a result of cataracts caused by excess light. Moreover, when a combination of the Ultra Violet rays and the solar radiation directly get into the car, the interior upholstery ends up fading; the plastic components also deteriorate and may crack at some instances. Similarly, the car interior ends up looking older than it is in the long run.

  3. Increased safety

    The car windows are designed to be tempered such that if it breaks, it shatters in small fragments in case of an accident. The car tint, therefore, helps in holding the pieces together to prevent them from causing injuries to people in the event of such an occurrence(Jung, 2017). To enhance this safety, a car owner who doesn’t need to have their cars tinted can choose a clear film as a perfect replacement. The car curtains also offer to cushion in terms of protection in an accident.

  4. Increased privacy

    Some people who drive around with their families or have important public figures and professional prefer to use car tints or curtains to enhance the privacy of the car occupants. Most of these tints are designed such that the car occupants can see the outside environment whereas the people outside the car cannot identify the occupants. In this way, privacy for such people who don’t want to attract public attention is ensured.

    Owning a car spells luxury and comfort and no matter which part of the world you live in, it has become an almost necessity in these times to own a car. Most of the people spend a lot of time in their cars, this makes it obvious that they would want it to be comfortable and offer some privacy. Car window curtains are a step in that direction to make your vehicle, more comfortable, stylish as well as add a touch of personality to it. In addition to all these factors, nothing can beat the fact that these curtains look really great and add a touch of aristocracy because traditionally only the VIP vehicles had them.

  5. Enhance car appearance

    Some car owners are simply interested with the elegance of their vehicles as a result of the aesthetic effect of tinted windows. Car tints and beautiful curtains complement the look of a new car and make it classier or still give a facelift to an old car. The curtains are not as effective in complementing the car appearance as the tints.

  6. Keeps of Roving eyes

    Having the windows of a car tinted keeps of the roving eyes of thieves and other people with malicious intents from getting a glimpse of the electronic gadgets installed in the car. In many instances, cars installed with expensive gadgets attract thieves who stalk the owner for the closest opportunity to break into the car and get away with the gadgets. Tinting ensures that all the owners’ assets in the car are protected from such people. In some cases, these gadgets endanger the lives of car owners too when they get exposed for robbers may risk hijacking the car to get hold of the valuable gadgets an d may end up harming the car owner

Disadvantages of car window curtains

  1. Dark curtains in cars have been associated with cases of impaired vision when someone is exposed to the poor lighting and some other conditions. This has most effects when an individual is driving through dark places such as a tunnel then suddenly exits to a brightly lit place. The driver experiences vision sensitivity that makes it hard to drive as the eyes need time to adjust(Chen, 2006). The curtains create a dark environment that is not healthy for especially long distance drivers.
  2. In some countries, their regulations enacted to limit the exact amount of tint or curtain thickness allowed in cars. For instance, public service vehicles have restrictions on tinting to ensure the safety of the people who use public transport. The public service vehicles without tinting or curtains are easier to inspect on the highways by the traffic police. In this regard, car owners who forget to check the materials required for light restriction with the local authorities are susceptible arrest when they break these laws.
  3. Damaged tint films and curtains obstruct vision for drivers when they are not replaced on time. This has been responsible for some incidents involving the car owners and other road users. Moreover, when a small part of a tint peels off, the owner of the car has to peel off the whole tint and replace it for it’s not easy to repair. This is undesirable because so tints my peel off as a result of the mechanical obstruction within a very short time. Low-quality tints peel off fast and leave marks on the car windows. This makes the vehicle owners incur extra costs to have the remaining tints.
  4. Car tints and curtains are costly to purchase and install especially their rate of tear and wear which necessitates the need to constantly replace them. For instance, when a car window breaks, the owner has to replace both the window and the tint for they are not reusable. This result in extra costs to the car owners especially in areas where there no high-quality tints that can last for many years without replacement.
  5. The curtains require constant cleaning and replacement which forms an inconvenience to the car owner due to the added expenses for purchasing extra curtains to use when one set is getting cleaned or has worn out which is very often as a result of constant movement as the curtains are drawn(Chen, 2006).
  6. Opaque Curtains make it impossible for the car occupants to see the activities going on outside the car.

Types of Car tints

  1. Sunshade curtains

    ShadeSox Universal Fit Car Side Window Baby Sun Shade (2 Pack) | Protects Your Baby and Older Kids from the Sun, Fits All (99%) Cars! Most SUVs! | Travel eBook Included!These are customized car window curtains to shade the cars from direct glare of the direct sunlight which damages the car interior and causes cracks on the plastic interior parts of the car.

  2. Mesh car curtains

    Car Sun shade(3px)-80 GSM for Maximum UV protection-Extra large-20These are curtains which are made of a light punched material that allows the occupants in the car to view the outside environment while they are also not visible to the outsiders. These curtains also allow the outsiders to have a restricted view of the vehicle occupants.

  3. Roller Curtains

    BRICA 2 Piece White Hot Sun Safety ShadesThese are curtains designed such that they are retractable. They are fitted with springs to facilitate the rolling up and down depending on the user needs

  4. Magnetic mesh curtains

    These types of car curtains are designed with magnetic technology which is fitted into the car to facilitate electronic rolling up and down of the curtains without involving the physical touch.

For those wondering, are they even legal?

The truth is many people wrongly believe that car window curtains are illegal. The fact is the state has laws against window tinting, that too after a certain permissible limit. This limit of permissible window tinting level varies from state to state. In case of curtains however, there are no rules that clearly state that they are illegal for use in your personal vehicle. Therefore, people can very easily use the benefit of doubt, as there are no rules whether in favor of it, or against it. The best thing is you can always draw them back to ensure visibility and everyone is happy!

The amount of variety is set to bold you over!

Depending on what you need or what you like, you can get a curtain that suits your personality. It is mostly seen that the female gender prefers pinks and pastel shades as well as a little Victorian era frill that is in these days. On the other hand men prefer to have simpler shades like white, sky blue or darker shades like black or navy blue. You can get them in as many patterns and type of clothes as you want, be it cotton, lace, net etc. therefore, there is absolutely no end to the variety of these car window curtains. You can take professional help to get them installed, where it is their headache to watch over things, or learn to do it yourself, as it is not a rocket science to install curtains in your own car. So whatever be your type, make sure you get it installed in your car, and feel the difference it makes!

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